Singham Returns Total Box Office Collection Report

September 9, 2014

Rohit Shetty Singham Returns Total Box Office Collection

Its already 4th week from the release date of Rohit Shetty’s Singham Returns with up & down it collection more than Singham movie. It seems in total in 4th week it successfully collected more than 130 crore. 3rd & 4th week collection of Singham Returns hampered because of release of Raja Natwarlal & Mardaani.

Singham Returns First Week Collection

Singham Returns successfully collected 106.85 crore in first week of release. It not bad for first of week, but next it goes down rapidly otherwise it may collect more in future days.

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Singham Returns Second Week Collection

Second Week is not so successful as first week, but it collected around 26.45 croce in box office. Its down suddendly after first week, it may because of it not so good as Singham.

Singham Returns Third Week Collection

I third week both Raja Natwarlal Collection & Mardaani Box Office Collection get it down to only 5.5 croce in total collection.

Singham Returns 4th Week is worst, only 0.60 croce from 4th week. But in total Singham Returns collected about of 139.15 croce in box office india.

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